Dual wavelength Laser Light Therapy

Laser Light Therapy For Comfortable Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Have you ever heard someone say that they just love going to the dentist office?  You most likely haven’t. But there is new laser technology available in dentistry that will make going to the dentist a much more enjoyable process for adults and children alike.

laser Dentistry Riverview, FL

Dr. Janis Milne is setting herself apart from other area dentists with the implementation of laser dentistry for periodontal disease and virtually pain-free everyday dentistry. New advancements in laser dentistry make going to the dentist much less freighting, less painful, and provides more thorough patient care. Residents of Riverview and the surrounding communities can benefit from this new technology at Inspiration Dental.

The properties of the hard tissue and soft tissue lasers in dentistry allows for Dr. Milne to use what is called Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) to put the body’s tissue into the best state of healing possible after a procedure has been performed. Dr. Milne now can perform frenectomies, gingival re-contouring, crown lengthening, and cavity preps with very little pain, very little blood, and no stitching because of the properties of the laser. She utilizes two proven and tested dental protocols that greatly improve the treatment outcomes of periodontics procedures.

The laser’s wavelength protocol for periodontal disease is also a proven procedure that uses the properties of the hard and soft tissue laser that kills 100% of the bacteria in the periodontal pockets and large cavities.

 “I can now offer procedures at Inspiration Dental that I used to have to refer out to specialists. This is a huge benefit for my patients in time and convenience,” Dr. Milne says. “My patients tell me that they no longer fear the dentist because many procedures are now being performed without anesthesia. They really appreciate that with laser dentistry there is less bleeding, less swelling, and their recovery time is much faster as well,” she continues.

This dentistry laser uses a high-intensity light beam and sprays water in front of it. The light hits the water molecules, creating tiny waves of acoustic energy. These sound waves do the actual cutting for comfort and safety. Because the laser is able to sterilize virtually everything it touches, laser dentistry can ultimately prevent decay from spreading to the nerve.

These hi-tech devices offer patients a newfound sense of relaxation during their visit to the dentist and helps provide them with a more natural smile and a more enjoyable dental experience. Dr. Milne believes that the use of the LightWalker Hard and Soft Tissue Laser has brought her dentistry to a new level.

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