How Same-Day Crowns from your dentist in Riverview, Florida can help your smile



Smiley teeth

Do you know about CEREC crowns? Did you know you can have a dental crown made and placed on the same day? Same-Day Crowns, brought to you by CEREC, are state-of-the-art, beautiful, and made to last. Dr. Janis Milne at Inspiration Dental in Riverview, Florida offers CEREC Same-Day Crowns to get you smiling again.

When you think of dental crowns, do you think of crowns that you have to wait weeks for, that don’t always fit well, and don’t always blend with your smile? CEREC Same-Day Crowns are different.

They are created with technology known as CAD/CAM (Computer-assisted design/Computer-assisted manufacture) which uses precise measurements to create your crown. CAD/CAM combines computer-aided measurements and three-dimensional imaging to produce crowns which are precise and fit perfectly the first time, with no adjustments.

CEREC technology creates your crown out of beautiful, high-grade dental ceramic. The ceramic is light-reflective and closely mimics the look of natural tooth enamel. The qualities of the ceramic mean that your CEREC crown will look just like your teeth. The ceramic can be color-matched to your existing teeth, so it will blend perfectly with your smile. Your new CEREC crown will also resist staining.

There are many reasons why people love CEREC Same-Day Crowns. When you choose CEREC, you will enjoy these important benefits:

  • Convenience, because you will have a new dental crown created right in the office
  • Time savings, because you can have your new crown in just one visit
  • Comfort, because your crown will be made using digital impression, it will fit great

When you choose CEREC, you won’t need to wear a temporary crown while you wait for your crown to be finished. You leave the office with your beautiful new CEREC crown permanently cemented in place.

Your smile deserves the best. Your smile deserves the beauty and precision of CEREC Same-Day Crowns. To find out more about CEREC, call Dr. Janis Milne at (813) 638-0313 for Inspiration Dental in Riverview, Florida. Call today!